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Follow the steps below to sign up for Peer-2-Peer!!
Peer-2-Peer must be initiated on a desktop before you can access it through the mobile app.
1).  Click the bill pay tab once you have signed in
2).  Select the correct account that you will pay a person from if you have more than one and click continue
3).  Once you have read through the agreement for bill/P2P transactions, check the box that you accept the terms & conditions.  (Optional:  Check box for account updates, benefits, or offers via email) click Accept & Submit, on the following screen click continue
4).  Select pay a person and click next
5).  Select email or text message and select next
6).  You will need to enter the person's first and last name, phone number or email, nickname for them, select the pay from account and click next
7).  Enter a keyword that you will give to the payee in order for them to receive the payment.  Once you have entered that, confirm the keyword again to confirm and click next
8).  Choose the way you would like to receive a delivery method for an activation code (only for new payees) click next
9).  Once you set up a payee it will take you to the main screen of the bill pay tab.  All payees will be listed on this screen.  You will be able to search for the payee, select the account you want to pay from, the amount, the date, and click pay 
Click here for step by step instructions!