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Auto Enroll

Follow the steps below to sign up for Online Banking!
1).  From a desktop click the enroll button in upper right hand corner of the webpage or from a mobile device click the padlock then click the enroll button to proceed
2).  Once you have clicked the enroll button you will be taken to the online enrollment agreement page.  On this page it will advise you of the information that you will need. After reading the agreement you will click  I agree.
3).  You will be prompted to enter your personal that we on file then click continue.
4).  You will enter all the mailing information then click continue.
5).  A verification message will appear.  The enrollment process is not finalized until the email verification is completed.  Once you have clicked send email verification you will need to check your email.
 6).  Once you have received the email you will have  1 hour to click the link before it will expire.  The email verification must be completed using the same computer and web browser that was used to initiate enrollment.
7).  The email link will take you to the confirmation page that displays the Netteller ID.  Keep this number for your records.  It will inform you of what the default password will be.
8).  Click on the login button and it will take you to the online banking agreement and terms page.  Click  I accept and I agree.
9).  You will then be prompted to change your password.  You must enter the current password which it gave you.  The new password must be between 6-25 characters; containing both numbers and letters.  You can also change the username at that time (optional).  Usernames can be numbers, letters, and/or special characters and must be between 5-12 characters long.  Once you have entered a usernames click submit.  Then choose a watermark, 3 security questions, and verify your email address.  Once completed you will be able to view your account.